Utah Hike & Fly Competition with Divisions for all skill levels


The Global Rescue XRedRocks 2024 is coming faster than you think! Don’t show up underprepared. Ben Abruzzo is offering training to get you physically ready to crush the event (training is mandatory and supplied to all Challenge Division participants). Ben has been training mountain athletes for over 2 decades and has extensive experience training uphill athletes for hike and fly. He was Gavin McClurg’s supporter and trainer for 4 Red Bull X-Alps campaigns, trained Eduardo Garza for the 2019 and 2021 X-Alps and 2018 X-Pyr, and Willi Canell for the 2019 X-Alps and 2018 X-Pyr to name a few, and knows hike and fly racing. Ben has been top ten in the last two Global Rescue XRedRocks races in the Pro Division and will compete in the X-Pyr this year. He also trains weekend warriors all over the world to meet the physical challenges of hike and fly racing. The training that is included for the Challenge Division is generic and costs $200 for the period between May 1 and the race and a “one size fits all” program. You may also opt for:

Personalized coaching: This program is tailored to the individual and takes into account the athletes current fitness, location, and availability of training resources. You will get support for race prep, strategy tips for nutrition, mobility, foot care, hydration and all areas of training and racing. If you want to get the most out of the race this is your option.

Cost: $200 per month

To sign up, please contact Ben Abruzzo directly.